About Smart Marine

Actaea, according to Greek mythology, was a Nymph Nereid, responsible for regulating the relations between the sea and the coasts.
She was one of the daughters of Nereus and Oceanis.

We are the modern people of the sea

Actaea is a leader in supplying the yachting industry with superior quality marine products and equipment and providing comprehensive services and assistance in a wide variety of maritime aspects.

Our highly trained technicians and our knowledgeable support and sales staff members have been delivering proven solutions for many years and we take great pride in the reputation we have acquired as a result of our arduous work, unparalleled level of support, commitment to serve our customers, our responsiveness and the availability of our products.

While it’s great to always have your eyes set on the horizon for what lies ahead, it’s important to us to never lose sight of the place we came from as those principles have made us the company we are today.

We are constantly searching for the latest and most advanced products from around the world in order to make them available to our customers.